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    Deal With Your Heating or Air Conditioning problem

    Located on the south shore of Montreal, whether for the residential or commercial sector, ClimatisationDirecte is an expert technician company with more than 20 years of experience that offers you a repair service of superior quality and that adapts to your schedule.

    Reliable and honest, ClimatisationDirecte also offers you installation and preventive maintenance services with quality products at a very competitive price.

    With ClimatisationDirecte you deal directly with the owner without an intermediary.

    Neglecting maintenance on HVAC appliances like gas heaters or furnaces can lead to discomfort, costly repairs and replacements, and higher energy bills. To avoid these issues, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance visits with a local heating professional.

    Neglected maintenance of fan motors, belts, bearings, and ducts in a heating system can lead to reduced airflow and potential overheating of the system.

    A malfunctioning thermostat, whether smart or traditional, can lead to discomfort and heating issues such as low or no battery, incorrect settings, incorrect temperature readings, and a failure to properly control your HVAC system.


    Diego Czul
    I had a great experience with Climatisation Directe service. They were prompt, professional, and fixed my AC quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them for any AC repair needs.
    David Tucker
    We were very satisfied with the fast and courteous service. Efficient and attentive. Generous in his explanations and revision for optimal operation.
    Sylvie St-Amour
    Berkeley, CA
    Thank you to this company for the excellent service received at a time when no one wants to be without air conditioning...during extreme heat. There are so many companies on the market, but a kind receptionist named Sophie took the time to listen and answer all our questions with patience and generosity. We made the decision to contact them to change our air conditioner (for a heat pump) in a very short time even though we were in the middle of a construction holiday. (Their costs are very competitive and honest even during this period!) For the installation, THANK YOU to Dominic and William for their skills, excellent professional service, punctuality, cleanliness, and above all very friendly!!! To know direct air conditioning, is to remain faithful to them!!!! THANK YOU and long life to this company!!!
    Jack Jacob
    Excellent service, professionnel et courtois. Réponses aux questions. Entreprise qui génère de la confiance par son approche. Merci!
    Catherine Gobeil
    Efficient and professional service! The technician came to repair our wall-mounted air conditioner which was displaying an error code. He was on time and very kind. The receptionist is also very efficient, she agrees to take us on as customers even though they were not the ones who originally installed our air conditioner. We are very satisfied!