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Heaters Subsidie

Step 1

Make sure your home and the planned work meet the criteria of the Green Heating program by consulting the participant’s guide.

In view of carrying out your work, you will have to choose equipment, materials and an entrepreneur. Read the page useful tips if necessary.

Step 2

Once your work is completed, bring together all the documents required.

Required supporting documents
For all types of work
For the installation of a new heating or water heater system

Step 3

Complete the online financial assistance request form, making sure you join the required supporting documents.

Make sure you have all the information required in hand before starting to fill out the form.
You will not be able to interrupt the session or record the information and come back later.
You can reach up to five PDF files or photos at the same time in a field. The total size of the files is limited to 10 MB per field and to 50 MB for the entire form.
If necessary, see the participant’s guide.

Step 4

Heating Green program managers will analyze the documents received to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Additional information and documents may be requested during analysis.

Step 5

You will be notified by email of your eligibility or non-admissibility for financial aid.

If you are eligible for financial assistance, you will also receive instructions by email so that you transmit your social insurance number (NAS) to program managers in a safe manner. The NAS is required to make the payment of financial aid.

Never transmit your nas by email.

Step 6

Transmit your NAS by following the instructions received. You will receive your financial assistance by check within 4 to 6 weeks of confirmation by email that your file is complete.