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Dealing with Common Thermo Pump Problems in Saint-Bruno

Hello, Saint-Bruno! We understand that your thermo pump is vital for keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. But, even the best systems may face common issues like reduced efficiency, weird noises, or winter ice build-up.

Decreased performance can be a sign of duct leaks or insufficient refrigerant. Our regular maintenance services can catch these problems early and keep your unit in top shape.

Hearing unusual noises from your thermo pump? It could be due to loose or damaged parts. But don’t worry, our professionals can diagnose and fix these issues swiftly.

The frosty Saint-Bruno winters can lead to ice formation on your outdoor unit. This is where our regular defrost cycle scheduling comes in handy, ensuring your thermo pump runs without a hitch, no matter the season.

Need help with your thermo pump? We’re here to assist!