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Maintenance Solutions for Thermo Pump Problems in Candiac

Thermo pumps are a popular heating and cooling solution in Candiac, Quebec, due to the area’s fluctuating temperatures. However, common issues can arise, like reduced efficiency, unusual noises, and ice build-up.

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of your thermo pump. First, regular cleaning can keep the efficiency of your unit at optimal levels. A simple dust-off may help improve the performance, and professional servicing can ensure a thorough clean.

Secondly, any unusual noise from your thermo pump shouldn’t be ignored. Seek help from professionals who can identify loose parts or potential damage that might be causing these sounds.

Finally, Candiac’s harsh winters may lead to ice build-up on your thermo pump. Regularly checking and defrosting the pump can prevent any major issues. Experts recommend installing a defrost cycle for the coldest months, which automatically keeps your pump clear of ice.